Sunday, February 26, 2012


The other day was gorgeous here in Utah. To say we have had a mild winter would be an understatement. We have yet to have any "real" snow that actually sticks around longer than 12 hours. I, of course, am not complaining. Though I do love snow in limited quantities, it's not something that I long or wish for. Despite the mild winter I still find myself anxious for spring, and the other day we had a taste of it.

"We're going to the park." I exclaimed. Tiny Man looked at me puzzled, he doesn't quite know the word "park" yet. Little Guy jumped up and down clapping his hands. I smiled and turned to Tiny, "Should we go?" Those three words he does know and he immediately took off towards his room. I followed him, watching his little body waddle from side to side while his short little legs led him along. He then found his shoes and nestled down into my lap for me to put them on for him. Tiny is very independent, but he knows his limits as to what he can and can't do. Putting on shoes is one of those things he can't do so he waits patiently for me to do it for him.

Once we were all dressed and ready to go, we stepped out into the crisp air that wasn't completely warm, but wasn't frigid either. As we walked to the nearby park breathing in that fresh air we took in the surroundings of our new neighborhood. It is a weird feeling to be in one place where you have lived most of your life one moment and suddenly be in a new place the next moment. We have quite literally been transplanted. My roots still long for the familiar soil back in Idaho. I miss knowing where everything is around town and not getting lost, having spur of the moment get togethers with my grandma's, and play dates with our dear friends. Yet another part of me loves this new, foreign soil that is here. Getting adjusted and acquainted takes time, but it helps when everyone is as nice as our neighbors are. They have welcomed us with open arms and we feel so blessed. We are feeling more at home each and every day and before we know it our roots will take and this new place will no longer be so unfamiliar.

Until then, we'll just enjoy the exploration of our new surroundings.

I don't think the boys will object, especially if it means more trips to the park.


  1. Hil--I know the feeling! My husband and I just moved to VT, away from my hometown where I've lived my whole life except for 6 years. Left behind my job for the last 5 years, my parents, younger brother, church, friends and my first house. I can totally relate to just wanting the familiar places, yet being so excited to discover new ones! And, to top it all off, VT has not one Target! Oh, the withdrawl...

  2. We're so glad you transplanted a little closer.

    Utah is a wonderful place. I'm sure that it won't take long for you to feel that it is home.

  3. Totally know what you are talking about. I am such a creature of habit and feel misplaced in a new surrounding at first. But as I slowly but surely get to know new places I feel more and more home - specially when there are lovely people (family and new friends) around.

    Seeing those pictures of your cute boys at the park makes me miss the days I spent at the park playing with "my" girls and having playdates with fellow au pairs and their kids.

  4. Love the new blog look! Glad to see you posting again, too <3

  5. I can't believe how grown up Tiny Man looks! Wish we lived closer so we could meet at the park for a playdate! :)


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