Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Help the Killpack Family

By far the biggest blessing we have had with this move is living next to such amazing people. Our next door neighbors, the Killpacks, have welcomed us with open arms and made us feel right at home. They have three kids, two that are close to my Little Guy's age, and they are just the best friends any little kid could ever ask for. Little Guy adores them, as well as their mom, Millie and of course Bishop.

The Killpacks are expecting their fourth child and recently found out that she has Spina Bifida. Unfortunately, it is not the first time they have heard those words uttered during the 20 week ultrasound as their son Davy also has it. We were all heartbroken with the news but so incredibly hopeful when Millie told us about a surgery that was available now that would potentially help their unborn daughter have more mobility and possibly even walk.

The Killpacks flew to Houston on Easter to meet with the doctors and then have the surgery done that Thursday. Well Thursday came and went and Millie was still waiting to be admitted to the hospital. They battled with their insurance company, Educators Mutual, to cover the surgery for several days. The physical and emotional exhaustion of it all just breaks my heart. Their insurance company has denied covering the surgery so, sadly, they returned home today heartbroken but not defeated. Not yet.

A local news company covered their story tonight. I watched it through blurry eyes from the tears that were welling up and spilling over.

My plea to you is to watch the video link below and then leave a comment for their story on ABC4's website. Hopefully if we can give their story enough publicity we can change the minds of the insurance company in time for them to still have this surgery done. The blessing and miracle of modern day medicine isn't out there for nothing. It is there to bless families like the Killpack's. I pray with all my heart that a measly insurance company doesn't get in the way of what could be a miracle for this sweet family!

*UPDATE* and another with yours truly...


  1. This is so heartbreaking. My heart goes out to them. I'll keep them in my thoughts and hope their insurance company will overthink the decision and pay for the surgery. I really don't understand the approach to makeing these kind of decisions of insurance companies. Why wouldn't they pay to make a little girls life so much better and easier?!

  2. Thank you for sharing this story, although I wish that this story was not a reality for this family. How sad that the insurance is being so stubborn and inconsiderate! I commented on the news story and I am hoping that in some way I am able to help this little girl have a better life.

  3. Hil, I've been thinking of your friends ever since you told me about their situation. I'm so sorry to hear about their horrific experience with the insurance company, and on top of the heartbreaking emotional ordeal they are already dealing with!!! I am really hoping they can come to a positive solution!!

  4. Oh, Hil. This is the family you were telling me about, isn't it? My heart just aches for them. I just submitted a comment on the story and will link to it on my fb page. There is always hope for a happy ending to their story. And I am praying that is exactly what happens.

  5. Hil,I know that you have been a tremendous blessing and support to M&M. What would we do without you and those precious others who are sharing this load.


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