Sunday, May 20, 2012

Running With Angels 5k

Saturday morning started early. It was the day of the 5k and I had major jitters that hit about 5:30 am. I eventually gave up trying to fall back to sleep and just got out of bed. I stretched and ate breakfast as the rest of my family slept. I started worrying about what the day would bring. Would I be able to climb the hills that I hadn't been training for? What if I got a side ache and couldn't run? Would I even be able to finish? Running a 5k hadn't ever been something on my bucket list, but I had a strong desire to finish this one. This one was for Michael. I wanted him to look down on me that day and be proud of his mom. I wanted him to know that I was running for him, proving once again that I would do anything for my children. 

Jer and I put on our matching blue shirts and waited for my brother and his wife to arrive. They were going to drop their two little ones off for my mom to watch. She had driven all the way from St. George to be here to help. We may have been running a 5k that day, but my mom did some marathon babysitting by watching four kids under the age of four. We couldn't have done it without her!

Once they arrived, we got in their car and headed to the gardens. After a slight detour (aka getting lost) we made it to where we were supposed to be just in time to check in and go to the bathroom (the good ol' blue honey bucket!). The race was exhilarating. I couldn't believe just how many people were there. It took a good quarter to half mile before I was able to get into a good rhythm without the worry of running in to someone. I ran along side my sister in law, who was so awesome to come and support us. She is a faster runner than me and helped me keep a good pace. My brother was clear up ahead of us and Jer was just behind him. At one point I started to get a side ache, but worked my way through it. Overall I felt incredible. The run was absolutely gorgeous. It was through the Thanksgiving Point Gardens and the paths were breathtaking. My favorite part was running past the ginormous water fall. I made a mental note to go back there soon so that I could sit and enjoy the beauty of it all. 

During my run I thought of Michael. I thought about our journey through the loss and heartache. I also thought about the many blessings and lessons that have come from it. I wondered if he could see me and if he knew I was doing this crazy thing for him. I felt strength from thinking of him and I know that's what kept pushing me along. I also thought of the other people there and wondered what loved ones they were running for. Occasionally I would see groups of family and friends with matching t-shirts all rallying together for someone they loved. It was touching and I thought of how wonderful all of my family and friends had been during the loss and continue to be.

As I reached mile three, I could see the end in sight. There was a massive upward hill between me and the finish line. How rude is that? Shouldn't it be downhill to the finish line?! It was brutal but I pushed my way up. As I crossed the finish line, I completely and totally pulled a Rocky Balboa (see proof below). It felt amazing and I was so happy to see my husband and brother there waiting for me at the finish line. My dad had helped me set a goal to finish in 30 minutes. I beat that goal and couldn't believe it. 

We drank water, ate bananas and wandered around gathering all the free stuff at the booths for a while (I even got my first massage!). My brother finished second in his age group and 14th overall, which was so awesome. It was such a special time and a wonderful event to have participated in. 

Now I can cross "Run a 5k" off my bucket list. But first I'll have to add it... :)

p.s. Our team came in 4th for the fund raising and I came in 3rd individually. A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated. You guys are all so awesome and we appreciated your support!

Team Baby Michael
Love having this man at my side.
And now, without further ado, I give you.... THE ROCKY BALBOA:



  1. That seems like such an awesome event and I am sure your sweet angel baby was cheering you on.

  2. very cool! wtg on your very first 5k! i can say, with certainty, that your little angel was (and always is) proud of his mom! :)

  3. hilary!! way to go; you did it!! what a great accomplishment and for such a worthy cause. i love the matching blue shirts and you look way too cute for having just run a 5K. you are inspiring. i think there are more races in your future. keep up the good work. what a fun thing to do with jerry and fam!! props to your mom too.

    p.s. you make me laugh.. i love the rocky pose!!

  4. Hil!! You look great for running a 5k. Love the Rocky Pose, Hav to admire you for running like you did. I never could have done it. I'm sure Michael is looking down and smiling for what his mom and dad do for him

  5. So proud of you! What a fun accomplishment and I'm glad you were able to do it for Michael!

  6. Way to go!!! That is so great that you guys were able to do this. And your face is not red at all!!! You look great!

  7. Great job! That is awesome that you beat your goal. I thought about you running the race that morning. I'm sure Michael is so proud of his parents. How nice of your Mom to come up to support you, I bet she loved seeing your boys.
    If you do the race next year, I would love to run with you.

  8. Congratulations!! you guys did great! I love the last picture, you rock!!


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