Monday, July 9, 2012

A Brand New Look and A Promo Code

For the past few weeks I have been working hard on a new redesign for Simply Yours Designs (my blog design shop). After many failed attempts, I finally ironed out all the details and came up with something I love. I went live with the new logo and layout on Saturday and am so excited about it!

I am doing things a little different in the shop and using Etsy to help sell the templates. We'll see how it goes. Does anyone have any experience with Etsy? Did you like it? What are the disadvantages to using it rather than just selling it on my own via paypal? Is there another shop host you'd recommend? It's an experiment and we'll give it a shot these next couple of months. I will also be adding more products to the shop in the coming weeks. I can't wait to share those projects with you as they become available!

How about some before and afters?



I love the simple/sleek new design and hope that it will be much easier for customers to navigate. I'd love to hear what you think!

p.s. I am offering a 20% off discount that can be found on the Facebook fan page. All you have to do is "like" Simply Yours Designs to get the code! (How's that for a shameless plug. ;) )


  1. Love love love it!! You are so talented. I'll recommend you to everyone that asks for sure!

  2. oooh, i love the new look and fancy fonts. super super sleek and still darling and so YOU. nice work! i've thought about venturing into etsy too. it's a great spot for people to 'hunt and find' your goods! i also love bigcartel, but it doesn't have that 'community' search easeability. anyway, i can't wait to see how your sales explode. good luck!

  3. Love the new look. I started using Etsy in February of this year to sell my dolls. I also have my blog and good old facebook. From what i have experienced it is slow with Etsy. I get WAY more traffic from my blog and fb {my fb page is only a few weeks old}. Maybe with your design shop it will be different though. I hope so because you do such an amazing job!

  4. love your new design, hil. very pretty.

  5. I love your new template. You're very talented!


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