Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Taking Root.

Here is our cute little garden. It isn't anything miraculous or noteworthy, but we have fallen in love with it this summer. Each evening we walk out to take a look and see what it has to offer us that day. We have jalapeƱos and cherry tomatoes coming out of our ears! I think it's time for some salsa. I am super anxious to see what our artichoke plant ends up doing. For now, it's just being ginormous with no promise of anything but hugeness in site. I love knowing that we planted this garden from itty bitty seeds and after some water and sunshine those seeds have sprouted roots and completely taken to the soil we prepared for them.

I feel much like those little seeds. We have lived here in our home for 9 months now and it feels like home. We love our neighbors, our friends, and our church callings. I just returned from girls camp (yes I was gone another 4 days from my boys! They loved being with daddy again though and even got to go visit grandma and grandpa while I was gone). Camp was a huge success. And by success I mean 21 teenage girls got along perfectly with no drama for 4 days straight. Talk about a miracle! We have the best girls in our ward and some truly wonderful leaders. I feel so blessed to get to serve with each one of them. At camp we had some really great spiritual experiences, some awesome food (shout out to Natalie!), and a whole lot of fun (we found ourselves laughing so hard we cried many times). I must admit right now that one of my favorite parts was the hike (even though we ran into a bear on the trail!). Never in a million years would I have ever thought I'd say that. It was always my least favorite part of camp growing up. But every activity we did was such a great experience. Every minute I was there I just kept thinking, "This is so awesome, I am so lucky to be a part of this!" I feel that way about my life right now as well.

After so many years of asking ourselves "What are we supposed to be doing? Where are we supposed to be?", I believe we finally found the answer. We know we are supposed to be exactly where we are right now. It just feels right and I couldn't ask for anything more than that feeling at this moment. It's never certain how long moments like these are meant to last, but I'll cherish it while I've got it!

Now if you'll excuse me, there is some salsa that needs to be made.


  1. Your garden is beautiful! I love it! We should have done peppers for salsa... I didn't even think about it! Way to go you guys!

  2. Your garden looks great! I can't wait till I am somewhere for longer than 7 months at a time :) Maybe then I will grow a garden. I am so glad you feel like you are home now! I know we sure love having you so close!

  3. Nice photos! I really like such places indeed


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