Monday, August 19, 2019

Bask in the Light

Last weekend, my husband and I spent just under 24 hours in Salt Lake city as a fun little getaway for our 14 year anniversary. As part of that getaway, we wanted to do some sealings in the Salt Lake Temple. Saturday morning we got up, went to breakfast and walked across the street to the temple. Inside the temple there were a lot of people! We had expected it to be busy seeing how it was a Saturday in August (the prime wedding month) and the fact that this particular temple will be closing soon for a long and extensive renovation.

As we made our way to the sealing rooms we were transferred from one room to the next as we waited for enough witnesses to join our group. Soon, the temple coordinator came into our room and announced "It looks like we will be putting you down in room 6, below the temple." With it being just my second visit to this particular temple I wasn't immediately aware of the significance of this move. Others in our group, however, showed their excitement as eyes widened and smiles crossed their faces. One particular woman told us that she was a temple worker at this particular temple and the fact that we were given the go ahead to do sealings in this particular room was really something special.

We were given instructions to follow the sealer and as we did so he led us through the beautiful celestial room and into a back hallway that connected two rooms. It was at this moment that my husband pointed out that we were on the other side of the Holy of Holies. I looked up and saw a beautiful stained glass window with a depiction of the first vision. We continued to walk until we reached a stair case. Someone behind us whispered, "You can just imagine the prophets using these stairs, we are walking in the same places they have walked." I couldn't help but just be filled with so much peace and wonder. As we reached our room we were told that as we are asked to be quiet always in the temple, we would need to be particularly quiet in this room as it's walls were shared with those that were in live sessions on the other side.

We all filtered into the room that we were told had recently been refinished. It was a beautiful dusty blue color with the gorgeous white and gold crown molding that is in much of the Salt Lake City Temple. On the east side of the room there was a large window that let in plenty of natural light. We all took a seat and waited to hear our next instruction from the sealer. As I sat there, I looked around and just tried to process the journey we had taken to get to this beautiful room. It was so peaceful and comfortable. A man that was in our group spoke first and asked the sealer if he would like him to turn on the lights. The sealers initial response was "Oh no, we are just fine and have lots of natural light from the window". It wasn't but a second later that he said, "Actually, yes why don't you turn on the lights?" The man stood up and walked over to the light switch. The second he turned the switch on the room was flooded with bright, illuminating light that was coming from both canned lighting in the ceiling and a gorgeous chandelier right in the center. It was breathtaking! We all gasped and the sealer said, "Thank you so much for that suggestion, now we can bask in this heavenly light!".

I have thought about that experience a lot this past week. Before the lights were turned on, we were comfortable and enjoying the beauty of the room. However, the second the lights were turned on we realized just how much MORE beautiful and heavenly the room became. How often in my life have I been comfortable with a certain level of light? More specifically, the light of Christ? Am I really tapping into the full potential of the light Christ has to offer in my life or am I just kind of enjoying a minimal but comfortable level of light? The natural lit room was perfectly usable. It would have allowed us to do exactly what we needed to. However, the brightly lit room was breathtakingly beautiful and so much more like how I envision the light being in heaven. A light that floods into every nook and cranny and brightens everything in its reach. Which, according to Elder Holland, is everything. He once said, "It is not possible for you to sink lower than the infinite light of Christ's Atonement shines." Elder Vern P. Standhill said, "There is no darkness so dense, so menacing, or so difficult that it cannot be overcome by light."

How would it be then, to live our lives in a way where that light flooded our every thought, action and deed? Am I too casual in my study of the gospel? Is there another aspect of Christ's atonement that I could be utilizing in my life? My experience in the Salt Lake Temple on that busy morning in August has led me to realize just how much more light I have within reach. I want to live in a way that the light of Christ floods into me and through me to others so that I can bask in that heavenly light that is so readily available to me.

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